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Brazil , Wednesday 21 February 2018

News Brazil » Bahía: Brazil says first suspected Ebola case tests negative

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Publication date: Friday 10 October 2014

Brazil says a Guinean man who had been suspected of having Ebola has tested negative for the disease. The man arrived in the country on Thursday and had been quarantined. Souleymane Bah went to a public health centre in the town of Cascavel in the southern ...

News Brazil » Bahía: Deadly Ebola virus may have reached Latin America – African refugee in Brazil feared first case

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Publication date: hursday 09 October 2014

The 47-year-old man, Souleymane Bah, complained on Wednesday of a fever. He was immediately quarantined. On Thursday, according to Brazil’s O Globo newspaper, one of the country's largest dailies, he was flown to Rio de Janeiro on a Brazilian Air Force ...

News Brazil » Bahía: Gambia: Unique FM's Ida Bah to Cover U-17 World Cup

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Publication date: Wednesday 19 September 2012

Ida Bah, a sports presenter at Unique FM is among 20 young journalists selected from five ... USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, and Uruguay. Participants will include both young professional journalists already working full-time in the news ...

News Brazil » Bahía: Conduent: Underearning BPO Priced For 60% Return

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

Offering some support for the latter are the corporate fixed rate notes issued in 2017 by Atento, Genpact and Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE:BAH), which presently trade at interpolated spreads versus LIBOR of ~260 bps, ~160 bps and ~255 bps, respectively (even ...

News Brazil » Bahía: Lightning network tested out in Guinea

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Publication date: onday 28 October 2013

“With this project, we receive virtually real-time data throughout the entire country,” says Mamadou Lamine Bah, director of the service ... Earth Networks has more than 50 antennas covering most of Brazil and 50 more covering all of India.

News Brazil » Bahía: Bah, humbug! The 10 things we hate about Christmas

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Publication date: uesday 23 December 2014

You hate mince pies but you still eat them, you never look at a Brazil nut from one month to the next but suddenly you’re shovelling them in like they’re under threat of worldwide shortage. And sherry? Apparently you love the stuff. But as you rest a ...

News Brazil » Bahía: U.S. Government Sued by ACLU Over No Fly List

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Publication date: uesday 29 June 2010

CLICK HERE to follow the ABC News Investigative Team's coverage on Twitter ... Another recent addition to the no fly list is Adama Bah, a 22-year-old caregiver who was accompanying the family she works for on a trip to Chicago earlier this year.