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Brazil , Wednesday 21 February 2018

News Brazil » Piauí: Eletrobras approves sale of six electric power distributors

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

Brazil's Eletrobras approved the sale of six of its electric power distributors, the state-run power firm reported. The distributors in question are Amazonas Energia, Boa Vista Energia, Centrais Elétricas de Rondônia (Ceron), Companhia de Eletricidade do ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Ribeira do Piaui, Brazil 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

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News Brazil » Piauí: The changing face of Brazil's deforestation

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Publication date: Friday 07 December 2012

Teresina, Brazil - As a global power, Brazil has been a key player in the COP18 climate talks on the emissions reduction targets of the Kyoto Protocol. And because Brazil is home to the majority of South America's rainforest, it is pivotal to some of our ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Brazil Logistics Worry Soy Farmers, Exporters as Harvest Starts

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Publication date: onday 05 February 2018

As Brazil's soy farmers begin harvesting, problems on a road connecting the country's agricultural heartland to northern ports provide new evidence the world's largest exporter of the oilseeds is far from solving its logistical bottlenecks. Over the last ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Eletrobras advances privatization plan

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

Eletrobras' shareholders have approved the sale of six power distribution subsidiaries in the North and Northeast of Brazil, the state-owned company said in a statement. The Brazilian government will sell its shares in: - Companhia de Eletricidade do Acre ...

News Brazil » Piauí: 30,000 year old Brazilian artifacts throw wrench in theory humans first arrived in Americas 12,000 years ago

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Publication date: uesday 08 October 2013

The artifacts come from the Serra da Capivara national park in Brazil’s northeastern Piaui state, on the border of the Amazon and Atlantic Forests, which attracted the hunter-gatherer civilization that left behind this hoard of local art. Since the 1970s ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Piauí Installs Largest Solar PV Power Plant In Latin America

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Publication date: Wednesday 16 August 2017

For the past few years, Piauí, Brazil, has focused on generating jobs and generating renewable energy hand in hand. Piaui is captivated by the win-win-win-win of wind and solar power projects. (There are four wins since, aside from jobs and energy ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Anglo Pacific acquires royalty interest in Brazil-based nickel/cobalt project

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Publication date: Wednesday 13 September 2017

JOHANNESBURG ( – Dual-listed royalty company Anglo Pacific has entered into an agreement with UK-based Brazil Nickel to acquire a gross revenue royalty (GRR) interest for the development of the Piauí nickel/cobalt project, in north ...

News Brazil » Piauí: Brazil mining dams breach, swamping whole town in deadly red sludge

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Publication date: Friday 06 November 2015

Over a dozen people are thought to be have been killed after two dams burst in rural southeastern Brazil, triggering a wall of sludgy mining spoils to cascade down a valley and wipe out an entire town, burying residents alive. It was initially reported ...